About Blue Rose Ranch
​Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. is a horse rescue and adoption facility located in southeastern Colorado on beautiful Bear Creek, two miles north of Springfield on Hwy 287. At Blue Rose Ranch, we are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and training of unwanted horses. Our mission is to find or provide “forever” homes for unwanted horses, and we also sanctuary horses, as necessary, to their natural or merciful death. Horses come to us from many sources: ex-race horses and rodeo stock, those confiscated by authorities due to neglect, and horses where owners, for many reasons, find themselves no longer able to care for their horses. We are a no-kill rescue facility.  All horses at Blue Rose Ranch have a permanent home with us if a great adoptive home is not found.

​Blue Rose Ranch operates on hundreds of pristine acres and has world class facilities. Each horse receives the highest standard of care including: all necessary veterinary care, farrier care, covered shelter, fresh water, feed (including special dietary feed as necessary), and expert handling and training. Horses have ample opportunity to roam the ranch to enjoy being horses. Our facilities include a 12,000 sq ft indoor riding arena, outdoor riding arena, rodeo grade round pen, large and small corrals with shelters, an incoming/hospital area, tack rooms, hay barns, grain building, ranch workshop, weighing scale, horse wash stand, veterinary chute, and a beautiful ranch office.  The rescue operates 100% “Green” with Wind and Solar energy.

Blue Rose Ranch has developed a comprehensive program we call Natural Horse Ranching. It begins with a natural approach to horse training which establishes trust and safety between horse and handler. We combine this training with natural horse life, where horses can live and interact in herds, with the opportunity to roam and graze the ranch. This natural horse life creates an environment that is healing to horses who have been abused and neglected. These two combine to produce Natural Horse Ranching, which allows the horse the speediest and most lasting recovery to maximize the horse’s potential.

Blue Rose Ranch also provides an outreach to the community. Volunteers are vital to the success of the horse rescue, and those who come to help care for the horses testify of the therapeutic value they gain working with our horses. Each summer at our popular Youth Horse Camp, kids and teens are immersed into the equine world, learning about horses, riding each day, and gaining insights into the importance of non-profits and philanthropy. The kids have fun while learning responsibility to care for horses.

We have many horses looking for new “forever” homes. We seek quality homes and endeavor to match the needs of individual horses to those of perspective adoptive families. Our adoption standards are stringent and we follow-up to insure horses adopted from Blue Rose Ranch are well cared for.

Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is thereby established as a Public Charity. Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. is a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation.


​Our Mission

Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. is dedicated to the care and rescue of horses. In addition, we train and rehabilitate horses to the end that they can be successfully adopted to qualified persons with qualified facilities. We believe in the therapeutic nature of the interaction between horses and people, and that working with horses promotes responsibility and self-esteem. According to these beliefs, Blue Rose Ranch partners with our community and has established volunteer programs for youth and adults. We also welcome visitors and civic groups to the ranch.

Our Directors

John and Cheryl Webb are the Founders and Executive Directors of Blue Rose Ranch, Inc. John and Cheryl’s awareness of the needs of horses grew from their years of work with horse rescues in the Denver area, and a life-long love and respect for the intrinsic value of animal life. John’s extensive background in business led to a solid organizational structure enabling Blue Rose Ranch to have a dramatic impact on the horse rescue industry from inception.  Blue Rose Ranch began operation in 2007 and has exceeded all original business plan projections. John and Cheryl nurtured into fruition the concept of Natural Horse Ranching which is the cornerstone operation model at Blue Rose Ranch. Blue Rose Ranch also initiated nationally the prototype models of Sustainable-Only Expansion and Rural Partnering for the horse rescue industry.

​The Webbs enjoy a debt-free lifestyle as a result of a lifetime commitment to borrowing only for short-term, well-reasoned occasions where borrowing is positively secured with collateral. All contributions to Blue Rose Ranch and all ranch-generated income is utilized for the rescue of horses and the operation of the rescue facility. The Webbs receive no income from Blue Rose Ranch, Inc., or from ranch operations.

John has successfully operated businesses and non-profit organizations for many years. He is a private pilot and the State’s southeastern area representative for the Colorado Pilots Association. John also serves as Board Treasurer for the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance. Cheryl, after a long career in education, now devotes her efforts to the rescue of horses. She grew up with horses and was the lead rider (Major) of the Westernaire Varsity Red Team. In addition to her career in education, Cheryl has worked for both the US Congress and the Regional Hospital in southeast Colorado because of her exceptional organizational, grant writing, and project management skills.

“The special bond between people and their horses is often referred to as love; horses know it as leadership, safety and trust.”

John and Cheryl Webb