​​Getting Involved

Y​our contributions, both financial and in-kind, are greatly appreciated and make the work at Blue Rose Ranch possible.  Financial integrity is of paramount importance to the Executive Directors of Blue Rose Ranch and our Board of Directors.  We are committed to making the highest and best use of donated resources in caring for horses. On behalf of Blue Rose Ranch and hundreds of unwanted horses that have been rescued and cared for by our organization, Thank You.
Th​ere are many ways for you to get involved:

Volunteers of all ages are important to fulfilling our mission.  The horses need the love and care volunteers provide to become the best horse they can be.  The horses at Blue Rose Ranch love to be with people. This is a testament to the work of our volunteers.  As a volunteer, you will be rewarded as you work with these amazing animals who win your heart – and you will win their hearts. Thank you for your service to the cause!  Please see our “Volunteer Handbook” under “MORE” on this website for more information.

  • Adopt a horse.
  • Foster a horse.
  • Donate the use of your professional skills, i.e. computer expertise, welding, machinery maintenance, etc.
  • Donate ranch or farm equipment.
  • Donate horse tack, feed, supplies.
  • Help us network with your contacts and interests.

Blue Rose Ranch is a travel destination.  We are located in southeast Colorado, and we enjoy having visitors.  Bring friends and family and immerse in the horse world. You will have opportunity to work with horses and some will want to take a ride.  Bring sleeves that can be rolled up, because you can also participate in the work at the ranch. Overnight guests will enjoy an Elegant Old West dinner and evening.  Of course, visitors will learn about our mission and importance of our cause. Many visitors become ambassadors for Blue Rose Ranch.

Contribute financially.  All contributions are tax deductible and made payable to Blue Rose Ranch, Inc.
Blue Rose Ranch, Inc.
30997 US Hwy 287
Springfield, CO 81073

Note:  John and Cheryl Webb, the Founders and Directors of Blue Rose Ranch, Inc., receive no compensation from the operation of the Ranch or contributions.  It is a labor of love. 100% of all donations go directly to the care and rescue of unwanted horses.

What to do if you see or know a horse in need:  
Your first and best action is to call Blue Rose Ranch.  We are humane caring horse professionals that are networked throughout the State of Colorado to get immediate attention to the situation.  Please see our “Reporting a Horse Needing Help” under “MORE” on this website.