Windsor is a 3 ½ year old gelding.  His mom was a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred and his dad a quarter horse.  Windsor has had an excellent start for his training. He spent the Fall at Lamar Community College in their colt training program. Windsor needs an experienced owner who is an advanced rider, knowledgeable about continuing his training.  He will thrive with a person who bonds with him as they develop a mutual trust. This young horse is curious and mischievous. He gets along well with other horses. Windsor has great potential to be someone’s “go- to” horse for years to come.
Lakota is an incredible horse. This handsome blue roan gelding is big, strong, and sound.  Lakota is 7 and is well trained. He is a reining and cutting prospect. This horse requires an experienced rider, who will work with him on a regular basis.  Lakota is a rare horse and will become someone’s great friend and companion.

High Five: Our Five Highlighted Horses

Clementine is a darlin!  She is a beautiful sorrel mare, around 11 and very sweet.  She is gentle, handles easily and she gets along well with other horses. Clementine at this time is considered a companion horse.    She had an injury in a hind heel that went untreated for months before law enforcement intervened and brought her to Blue Rose Ranch.  She no longer displays lameness in her daily routine and she moves easily around the pastures. When she is worked in a round pen, that heel seems to bother her.  We do not know if her injury will permanently prevent her from regular training and carrying the weight of a rider. Clementine was the self-appointed “adoptive mom” of a 4-month old colt who came to Blue Rose Ranch two years ago.  She helped raise and protect little Titan until he was adopted. Clementine will be a great friend for both another horse and her new owner.
TheT​here are many horses at Blue Rose Ranch looking for great forever homes.  We highlight five each season on the website. Contact the ranch directly to inquire about other horses available for adoption.  For information on our Adoption Policies and Standards, please look over our Adoptive Home Purpose Statement under “Ranch Forms” on this website.
Chino is a beautiful sorrel quarter horse mare.  Chino is now a companion horses, but she was a very well-trained horse.  She is around 17. Chino has an injured front knee – it is arthritic. She is helped with a daily medication for inflammation.  Chino cannot carry the weight of a rider due to her bad knee. Because she was well-trained, it is safe to put a small child on her back and lead them around.  She gets along well with other horses and will be a great friend for both her new owner and other horses.
Duchess is a yearling who was born at Blue Rose Ranch on Mother’s Day 2017.  Her mom is a tall Tennessee Walker. Her dad is unknown. But Duchess does not appear to be gaited.  She loves people and has had only positive interaction with people. She is halter trained and eager to learn.  She will have her new owner wrapped around her hoof in no time at all! This filly has enormous potential.