​What to do if you see or know of a horse in need…

​Your first best action is to call Blue Rose Ranch.  We are humane caring horse professionals that are networked throughout the State of Colorado to get immediate attention to the situation.  
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    Many horses find themselves in need of help.
    People who own horses sometimes have circumstance that come down the road of life and these situations impact the care and health of their horses. These are most often NOT police matters – they are just people who need help and solutions and they usually want to do what’s best for the horses. Some horse response organizations seize horses through force and then euthanize the horses If they are not in perfect health and soundness. Many wonderful horses are lost in this manner.
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    Please make you first call to Blue Rose Ranch.
    We handle these situations ourselves. We have a network of true horse experts, including veterinarians, that work with us to make contact with the persons involved. We get accurate information regarding the horses and do onsite inspections and then bring the horse(s) as necessary to Blue Rose Ranch or to a professional horse facility close to the horse’s location.
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    If your first call is to the police...
    You will likely not get a quick response or help for the horse. People often get defensive if law enforcement make the first contact and they get angry and resist getting help for their horses. Your best first action is to call Blue Rose Ranch (303) 796-7739.
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    There are times when police and courts have to get involved.
    If it works through us first the outcome for the horse will almost always be better. Blue Rose Ranch wants and supports swift, severe justice brought to bear upon people who willfully harm, neglect, starve and torture horses.
If you have more questions please contact us​​