​Youth Focus at Blue Rose Ranch

A Vision for Youth
Around the country there are many organizations rightly starting to focus on the importance of inspiring a new generation to embrace giving and community service.  Like most nonprofits, our average supporter is well advanced in age. In all of our organization’s activities, youth camps and programs, we encourage youth participation.  Our message is: “Service, leadership and giving are the underpinnings that produce a rich life - one that is filled with purpose and satisfaction.” With all the materialism and shallowness of today’s society, it is heartwarming to see how willing today’s youth are to embrace citizenship and responsible living.  The future is in good hands.

Providing an opportunity for kids to experience interaction with horses is a priority at Blue Rose Ranch.  Youth in our community are invited to volunteer and their work with the horses is valuable. At the ranch, kids learn life skills and their self-esteem grows as they gain confidence around horses.  

Our dedicated volunteers have opportunities to nurture leadership skills.  Anyone who has spent time around horses realizes the importance of establishing leadership over horses. “Horsepower” is an awesome thing, and to learn to control and train horses requires skill, patience, and courage. Part of the Blue Rose Ranch leadership development includes horse training and riding clinics, and also participation in planning and preparation activities for our annual horse camp. Our youth leaders, also known as “youth counselors”, are an asset and help with visiting groups and with assisting younger volunteers.

​The Directors of Blue Rose Ranch recognize the importance of encouraging young people to embrace giving and service to worthy causes.  Youth at Blue Rose Ranch learn about the non-profit world and possible career choices for their future. We hope their lives are enriched as they consider how they can make a difference in their world.

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"Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world."  ~Josephine Demott Robinson
Blue Rose Ranch Youth Horse Camp

Each summer in June, Blue Rose Ranch hosts a wonderful opportunity for young horse lovers age 9 - teens.  Participants are immersed into the equine world. They learn about horses and ride each day. They meet the rescued horses living at Blue Rose Ranch and experience hands-on care in grooming and handling their new equine friends.  Leadership is modeled by our youth counselors, and participants learn the commitment and responsibility needed for horse ownership.

For many, this camp begins a life-long passion of involvement with horses, and friendships with other horse enthusiasts grow. This very popular camp is designed to enrich and educate both the novice and those who are already experienced with horses.

Most horse camps are expensive and are for kids of means.  The cost to attend our horse camp is minimal. The Directors of Blue Rose Ranch view our camp as an opportunity to invest in youth, and a way for us to support our community.

For more information and registration, please see the Youth Horse Camp Information in the “Ranch Forms” area of the website.

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."  ~Winston Churchill